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How to submit dolls and basedolls
A few words about nudity


eph's Den of Many Comics

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These are basedolls, so they are naked figures to draw clothes on.

If you want to use one of them to make your own doll, please adhere to the rules listed besides each doll, which can differ from artist to artist. The term "give credit" usually means that you have to list the artist name and give a backlink in your readme file and/or on your website.

If you want to contribute basedolls to this library too, you're welcome. Of course I only accept basedolls which you made yourself (no stealing, no sending in of bases from other artists unless they gave permission to spread their bases this way, no editing of other peoples basedolls and claiming they are yours). I will not host anatomically correct males or females displayed in a vulgar way.

Currently the KiSS Café serves you 513 basedolls.