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To play with KiSS Dolls, you first need to install a viewer. Which is the right viewer depends on your operating system (OS).


To play with KiSS on Linux, either install GnomeKiSS or FKiSS/XKiSS. Both are available right away in many distributions if you check your update center. E.g. Fedora has GnomeKiSS in the games repository, Ubuntu features both programmes if you include the "universe" repository.
If you need to compile them yourself, GnomeKiSS has a website here: GnomeKiSS with rpms and source code, for FKiSS you have to google. It's called FKiSS in Ubuntu, although it's referred to as XKiSS on Otakuworld.
GnomeKiSS can display all dolls except DirectKiSS only dolls, I don't know how much FKiSS/XKiSS developed. Sadly, GnomeKiSS is not suited to create KiSS dolls, it's only good for playing.


To play on Macintosh you can get a viewer here, but don't ask me how it works, as we don't have a Mac anymore and don't plan to get one again.

MS Windows

Finally, to play on Windows, you can download a viewer right away from this page. Here is the zipped version:

Download viewer PlayFKiSS version 0.84 beta (~350kb)

Or, in the unfortunate event that you don't have unzip software or don't know how to use it (oye -_-;), you can download the unzipped selfextracting exe file right away:

Download viewer PlayFKiSS version 0.84 beta (~810kb)

Unzip the zipped file and then doubleclick the selfextracting exe file. That will take you to a simple install screen.
PlayFKiSS was written by Chad Randall and is featured here with his permission. This viewer is able to display all dolls except DirectKiSS only dolls. It's not that good for making dolls, because it has a habit to delete your comments and rearrange the cnf file. If you don't use comments anyway that shouldn't stop you from using it for your doll-making pleasure, though.

To display even the most advanced dolls you can download DirectKiSS instead, written by Dov Sherman from Otakuworld. DirectKiSS requires DirectX 8.1 and a rather good computer, but it also supports the widest palette of KiSS formats.

Download viewer Direct KiSS 1.0.1 (~1.2 MB)

OS independant (Java)

There is yet another KiSS viewer, and this one comes for all platforms and has massive editor functions for artists. It's called Ultrakiss and it's available at Kisekaeworld.

Doll-making Tools

Dov's DOS KiSS Utilities

Dov's DOS KiSS Utilities (~138kb)
This is a collection of simple but useful KiSS utilities that run on the DOS command line in Windows.
It includes: A GIF-to-CEL Converter, a CEL-to-GIF Converter, a CEL Offset Minimizer, a CEL Offset Incrementer and a KCF Merger