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A few words about nudity


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About nudity

Naturally, if you remove a doll's cothes it will be naked. Since there are people who are concerned about this, let me write a few words about it.

Many KiSS dolls have blank areas just like popular dress-up dolls. Some have underwear drawn on, many have nipples and some are anatomically correct.
There is no label to differentiate between the different stages of "nakedness", as it's just a matter of artistic style and most players are grown-ups anyway who don't care at all if a doll has nipples or not.
Sometimes an artist might have added a quote that says "suitable for all ages". Now, we all know the definition of "suitable" differs. What is suitable to one isn't neccessarily suitable to someone else. Some artists may say "suitable for all ages" because the doll is completely bare, others may say "suitable for all ages" because the doll is anatomically correct but has a regular wardrobe and no sexual intention. The final decision is yours.

There is nothing "adult" or pornographic here.
Still, if you're concerned about nudity in any way, please view with caution. Parents with little kids should download dolls with them and then review the dolls and delete those they don't seem appropriate before letting their child play with them. This goes for everything on the internet, small kids shouldn't be left alone with it.
Everyone feels different about things like nudity or political statements, and only parents themselves can decide what they want their kid to see and what not.
Many people think a naked body is something natural and see nothing bad in having their kids see this. Many people think nipples are okay, but they don't feel prepared yet to explain full naked bodies to their curious children. Many people think even a doll with blank areas is pornographic if the underwear isn't drawn on. Personally, I think the children don't care about any of this at all, they just want to play with a pretty dollie.

While I won't judge your personal believes, I won't judge the dolls either.
Others have tried this, and they all failed. Whatever you define as "suitable for all ages" - there will always be someone who disagrees, and woe unto the editor if an "unsuitable" doll slips through. I write this to spare me angry emails right away.
KiSS is not for kids only. In fact, most artists and players are at least teenagers, and they draw things as they feel is right and fitting their artistic style.

Anyway, if you don't want your children to see certain things, it is your duty to review the dolls to make sure your daughters' or sons' toys meet your standards. Also, all objects in KiSS have a certain "stickyness", which means they will go off if you click and pull on them a lot. Underwear that seems to be fixed into place might go off after a while. Right-click on the underwear and choose "unfix" to remove it right away and check what's beneath. If it doesn't move after some clicking and there is no "unfix" button it's truly drawn on.

Last but not least, there is always a very slim chance that an artist sent me a doll which turns out to be indeed unsuitable for this page. In that case, notify me and I will take a closer look at the doll in question.

Thank you for your understanding.

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