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Tutorial by Ghostewolf

So, this is a tutorial about making clothing fade from one color to another. Like... a gradient does. Wow, I'm articulate.

Anyway, some people seem to think gradients are really hard to do, or you need a fancy program. Especially when you’re working with a restricted palette, which you probably will be unless you’re doing ckiss or something. They’re actually pretty easy to do, and work fine in ms paint.


1) Okay. Say we have this skirt, which we want to apply a gradient to. First, we need to make a gradient pattern. So we open up a blank window of paint, and change it to black and white. (Image> attributes> black and white> okay) Notice how the color-picker box now has black and white patterns in it instead of colors. We’ll be using these to make the gradient. Take the line tool and make straight horizontal lines of less and less black patterns.


2) This one would be used when one wants the color change to occur rather abruptly, depending on the size of the item. Since the left skirt is kind of big, I'll be using a larger gradient, and using the smaller one for the right skirt.


3) Now I'm going to copy the dress, and recolor it the other color I want to use (which will replace the black in the pattern).


4) Place your pattern, on the spot on the original dress (keep a backup in case you don't like how it turns out) where you want the color change to occur. Color the area below the pattern so it’s also black.


5) Finally, take the dress with the pattern on it and place it over the other colored dress. While it’s still selected, change the background color to black.


6) Yay! You're done and now have a super cool gradient-ed skirt.


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